Rose Photo Collection Vol 1
Artist's Reference Photos

Iris Photo Collection Vol 1
Artist's Reference Photos

Texas Bluebonnets &
Other Wildflowers Vol 1
Artist's Reference Photos
Natures Textures
Artist's Reference Photos
Roses Vol 1
Iris Vol 1
Texas Bluebonnets/ Wildflowers

Artist Reference Photo Flower Trio   
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Photos 'n Patterns
Assorted high resolution digital reference photos
Each of Susie Short's Reference Photos for Artists contains over 100 copyright-free and
permission-free images for artists, students, designers, gardeners, naturalists, and anyone else who has an
artistic need for a good reference. Paintings and art works created from these photo images may be sold by the
artist without any restrictions. However, the collection of images on each CD itself is copyrighted. Please do not
copy, share, or sell it, or sell individual images as your own.
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