Keep those brushes wet!
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Testimonials and comments about the
                                       Making Waves DVD ...
Hi Susie - I just received the Making waves DVD. It was so nice to
have the sample pictures included with the DVD.  Having viewed
the DVD, I love it! It is the best tutorial on painting waves that I
have found so far! Thanks!  CH
This DVD is great! I watched it twice before I tried painting my
own wave. Was I surprised! I did it! Thanks for such an easy to
follow lesson on painting waves. I can't wait to try to paint from
my photos I took last year on vacation.
Thanks Susie!     Mary N, Ohio
One of the best examples of painting a wave I've run across.
Thanks for sharing your talent!  
Roy T,  Florida
After I bought the DVD, I found your reference photos and painting
patterns in your online art store. Thanks for making these resources
available to those of us who do not live close to the ocean and don't
take good pictures.
Did I mention, I really loved the DVD. You are a wonderful teacher.  
Thanks,  WA, Utah
Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What’s the difference between the Hints and Tips for Painting Waves DVD and the
Making Waves DVD?

A:  The DVD Hints and Tips for Painting Waves is a series of practice exercises to
learn how to paint the parts of the wave using several different brushes and techniques.
That way you can find what works best for you. With Hints and Tips you get to practice
painting the wave parts before you start a full wave in a painting.
If you are a beginning student of watercolor these
practice exercises will help you learn the difference
between too much paint and water in your brush and
when your don't have quite enough to achieve the look
you want.
There is a printed workbook of these exercises that is
also helpful to use while you paint along with the video.
The workbook is sold separately.

Making Waves is more advanced and takes you further with step-by-step
instructions on how to paint the full wave from start to finish using one of my wave
photos as a reference. Extra wave photos, a painting pattern and a copy of my
completed painting are included with this DVD.  
Previous watercolor experience is recommended for this lesson.

For a limited time there is a combo set with both DVDs saving you $10 off the retail price.
More wave photos  >>>>   Susie's coastal reference photos and painting patterns
Painting Across America -The Oregon Coast DVD workshop
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Testimonials and comments about
                Hints and Tips for Painting Waves DVD ...
I love the ocean!  I never thought I could paint it.  But with these
exercises and the workbook too, I am learning how to paint waves.
They are not perfect, but I'm having so much fun practicing.
I hope you make a DVD on painting the wet sand too. (hint!)
Thanks Susie!     Jane C.       California    
I wish I had the Hints and Tips DVD before I started painting
my first wave. The exercises are very helpful for an old guy
like me.

Thomas B.