3 VIEW FINDERS with composition guides.
Find the best composition, sketch with greater accuracy,
know instantly what standard surface sizes are appropriate.
VALUE FILTERS neutralize color without obscuring details.
Compare value range of colors, develop contrasts with ease.
2 VALUE SCALES one that is an integral part of the viewfinder unit
and a second separate scale for added flexibility in determining values.
Picture Perfect "3 in 1 Plus" Viewfinder
Composition Guide
Designed for use in the studio or on location, this handy tool will take some of the guesswork
out of painting! For better composition use the grids in the clear windows for layout and
positioning. The viewfinder openings have differing ratios, scaled to match standard-size
surfaces and frames, with basic composition guidelines and wide enough surrounds to
effectively isolate the views. For gauging overall value relationships use the transparent red
filtered windows. And to isolate and identify the correct value use the attached gray scale. The
viewfinder is 5"x11" folded and has lots of useful information printed right on it to help in
making your composition and value decisions. Plus, an instruction sheet and a separate grey
scale card are included with each viewfinder.
"As a teacher of both studio and plein air workshops I have found this to be a valuable tool
for my students to use and understand. I can see a big difference in the progress
of those who use it and those who haven't discovered it yet.
It's a "must have" for every serious beginner."
                                                                              Susie Short
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