I'm happy to share these photos of leaves with you as a reference for your paintings.
I'm including transfer painting patterns (simplified line drawings to be used as drawing guides)
prepared for you (by me, Susie) to help you get to the painting stage faster!
The patterns may be printed along with the photo from the PDF to make transferring
the drawing to your watercolor paper quick and easy.  
Designed for use with either a light box or transfer paper.
For personal use only. Please do not copy these drawings for resale.

Click on each image to open a new page with an enlargement for viewing.
Clicking the FREE DOWNLOAD button on the enlargement page will open a pdf file that you can
save to your computer or print directly without saving.
FREE                                    for Painting
I hope you enjoy using these FREE patterns and photographs with patterns.
I have so many lovely photographs...more than I can ever use for my own personal painting.
I'll share FREE patterns and/or photos on this page and see how it goes.
It takes time to build and maintain these pages on my website so your
will determine if there is enough interest in making more FREE patterns/photos available.

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This section of my Art Store will continue to grow as I have time to add more photos and painting patterns.
Please check back to see what I've added to these collections. Your suggestions are always welcome!

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Enjoy!  If you want more free photos
be  sure to leave me a comment on my
feedback form. See the link below...

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