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I'm pleased to make these
high resolution digital photos
available for artists to use as
references for painting
in any medium.
Please respect my copyright
and don't use them for
any other purpose without
written permission
Thank You!
Hydrangea 73106-32
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Hydrangea 82710-253
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Perfect for painting references these high resolution digital photos are selected from Susie Short's
personal photo collection of hydrangeas. The high quality color laser print comes on heavy 8.5 x 11
paper and may be purchased with or without the transfer painting pattern / drawing guide.
Single Photo Print (without pattern) $3.00  |   Combo Packet (1 Photo & 1 Pattern) $5.95

Several of these beautiful images are also available as greeting cards and note cards.
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Hydrangea 71710-339xx
Hydrangea 81208-009
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Hydrangea 82710-118
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Hydrangea 73106-39
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Hydrangea 82710-116
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Hydrangea 71710-339
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