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Susie Short Studio
Online Artist's Supplies

PAINT COLORS suggested for this DVD:

Green Gold                                        Raw Sienna
Yellow ochre                                     Quinacridone gold
Sap green                                         Indanthrone Blue
Quinacridone Violet                            French Ultramarine Blue
Quinacridone Burnt Orange               New Gamboge Yellow
Hansa Yellow Med                              Pyrrol Scarlet
Burnt Sienna                                     Perylene Maroon

Any additional rich browns, oranges, yellows, and rusty leaf colors!
You certainly do not need all of these colors, I'm listing several suggestions.
Use what you have in your paint box/palette.


no.  8, 10, 12, round brushes synthetic or sable with a good point
2 Flat brushes ¾ inch is a good size
1 or 2 of Susie’s 1" chisel tip wash brushes
(This is a 1 inch hog bristle brush made by Daniel Smith)
#4 rigger or script liner

140 pound Arches cold pressed watercolor paper divided into 1/8 sheets
Approximately 11 inches by 7.5 inches
Cardstock for watercolor (if painting greeting cards)

Miscellaneous supplies used for this DVD are:
paper towels, a blotter made from toilet paper covered with paper towels,
two water containers, scissors,
stylus, "Write-On" transparency film,
medium point Sharpie-type permanent marker.
Gathered and collected leaves. A fun attitude and the desire to learn is helpful!