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Susie Short Chisel Tip Wash Brush
Watercolor Brush Starter Sets for Beginners
A note from Susie: I put together these brush sets for the students who attend my
workshops in locations where art supplies are limited. My prices are based on my cost plus
a small mark-up. Please feel free to check the online artist suppliers for discounts and sales.
If you want to work with  brushes hand selected by me these sets are for you.
Watercolor Starter Kits
Sampler Palette - Brushes - Paper Pack - Just add water!
  • sampler palette,
  • 5 watercolor brushes,
  • 2 sheets of Arches 140#
    watercolor paper
divided into 16 pieces

List  $80.76      SAVE $16     $64.95
(Not Shown) Contains: 10 watercolor brushes (as described in the Extra Brush Set below) with brush holder,
sampler palette and 4 sheets of 22x30 140# Arches CP divided into 8 quarters and 16 eighth sheets     
Best Value!!                     List   $135.95         SAVE $25                $110.95
  • sampler palette,
  • 2 watercolor brushes,
  • 1 sheet of Arches 140#
    watercolor paper
divided into 8 pieces

List  $56.95     SAVE $12    $44.95

Essential Watercolor Brush Set  Contains: 2 round synthetic brushes (#8 and #10)  2 flat synthetic brushes (1/4" and 3/4")                           
                                                                   Susie's Chisel Tip Wash Brush                                                                            
List   $54.76       $39.25

Extra Watercolor Brush Set  Contains the Essential Watercolor Brush Set Plus: 1 large round synthetic brush (#12)                                   
                                               1 medium script liner - 1 medium scrubber brush  - additional Susie Wash Brush                   
List   $ 85.85      $68.55

BONUS Watercolor Brush Set Contains: 1 small script liner - 1 large script liner - 1 large scrubber - 2 slanted tip/angle brushes                     
                                                 and a Travel Brush   (These brushes are not included in the other sets
List  $66.93       $39.95
Basic Watercolor Brush Set  Contains: 1 round synthetic brush (#6 #8 or #10) and Susie's Chisel Tip Wash Brush          List   $35.97        $24.95
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