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Now you can order Susie's beautiful digital reference photos of tulip fields online!

And you can order these reference photos of tulip fields with or without transfer painting patterns.
Transfer painting "patterns" are simplified line drawings (to be used as drawing guides)  prepared for you by
Susie to help you get to the painting stage faster! They are printed on thin translucent vellum to make transferring
the drawing to your watercolor paper quick and easy.  Designed for use with either a light box or transfer paper.

(Red) Single Photo Prints Just the photo. $3.00
(Green) Combo Packets  Contains a photo and pattern.  $5.95
(Purple) Super Packets Comes with more than one pattern size. $7.95

Click each tulip field photo below to see an enlargement and availability.
Landscapes / Tulip Fields
Tulip Field-14
Tulip Field-15
Tulip Field-27
Tulip Field-29
Tulip Field-40
Tulip Field-41
Tulip Field-51
Tulip Field-76
Tulip Field-77
Tulip Field-78
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I have so many lovely photographs to share...more than I can ever use for my own personal painting.
This section of my Art Store will continue to grow as I have time to add more photos and painting patterns.
Please check back to see what I've added to these collections.

Happy Painting!
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